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US 6,983,642 B2System and method for automatically judging the sealing effectiveness of a sealed compartment 

QST Holdings, L.L.C., Brentwood, Tenn. (US)Filed on May 02, 2002, as Appl. No. 10/138,673.Prior Publication US 2004/0123648 A1, Jul. 01, 2004Int. Cl. G01N 29/02 (2006.01) 1. Apparatus for automatically indicating sealing effectiveness of a sealed compartment, comprising: an ultrasonic transmitter for generating energy of a specified frequency within the sealed compartment; an array of ultrasonic receivers mounted on an arch disposed outside the sealed compartment for sensing ultrasonic energy of the specified frequency and producing output signals in accordance therewith; means for producing a relative movement of the sealed compartment and the arch such that the sealed compartment passes through the arch; and signal processing means for automatically sampling the output signals of said ultrasonic receivers during the relative movement of the sealed compartment and the arch, and for indicating the sealing effectiveness of the sealed compartment by comparing the sampled output signals to thresholds establishing levels of ultrasonic energy that will be sensed when the sealed compartment is effectively sealed.

… quantitative data for leak location, prediction and prevention.