The QSArray In Additional Industries

QualityScan Technologies provides manufacturers of many industries with an effective “dry” test for leaks, one that does not rely entirely on a "visual" inspection but delivers quantifiable results at production speeds.

Tanks - Within such a high-volume industry, the need for a rapid test process is critical. The QSArray technology provides an accurate, repeatable, and unbiased data instrument. The test empowers the manufacturer to adopt a quantitative scale of measurement, no matter the cycle time.

Aerospace - This industry requires that intrusions and/or build variation to be identified immediately. The QSArray utilizes fixed or robotic receiving units to scan and test all areas of the structure

 Appliances - QualityScan has performed initial ultrasonic testing on a dishwasher unit.  The testing was designed to confirm the extent to which ultrasound could identify, during the manufacturing process, potential water leaks from several locations. This testing confirms that leak detection within a manufacturing environment focused on a dishwasher is a process that can be implemented utilizing the QualityScan technology. 

Weldmation and QualityScan will design, engineer and build a testing cell for additional industries as well.  If your company is researching a better process for leak detection, connect with QualityScan.

… quantitative data for leak location, prediction and prevention.