About QualityScan Technologies

QualityScan Technologies has developed a patented* technology that targets the significant quality, production and manufacturing related problem, leak detection.

What The QSArray Does  Tests for Intrusions, which may result in water leaks and/or wind noise- Detects build variation - Provides an objective instrument for comparison of supplier components - Creates an archived “UltraSound Fingerprint” - Provides for a real-time and remote quality test audit

 QSArray V2 Video

Key Milestones for QualityScan; 2002 Company was formed and Patent filed - 2003 Generation I Array was first tested on plant floor - 2004 2nd manufacturing test - 2006 Patent issued -  2006 Multiple plant tests - 2007 Introduction of QSArray V2 - 2009 Gap & Flush inspection also performed

QualityScan Technologies, LLC    3212 West End Ave, Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37203